Sunday, July 19, 2009

New toy....

This post is especially for Steph (by request) Bout time you updated your blog BTW Steph! Here is my new toy. I have spent most of the weekend getting aquainted with it and all its features (lots of kewl ones) So now it pretty much tops off my PINK craft room. I have had my eye on this for months kinda hoping that my old one would die (hey what do you know - it did and it wasn't me either) so I could get this one. My old one had a very good innings since it went everywhere with me. It has been to Japan, twice to America and has been to most of the east coast of Australia. But time to move on I guess. My new one's sooo kewl - I luv it! It's not too bright like my feature wall in my craft room but a nice soft baby pink. I think they call it sakura pink - how awesome is that. I think Stampin' Up! should release a colour called that heheheheh :)

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