Sunday, October 25, 2009

Class of 2009

As a gift from myself and the house at school we gave the Yr 12's a graduation card (I had some help from the Yr 10's and 11's otherwise I would have had no sleep at all this week) I found the idea here and just adapted a little using this great set - Great Grads. I really love the Shakespeare stamp. Lots of punches with this one but a bit quicker to do than the original owl I made about a year ago. Here are some photos of the 10's and 11's helping out. We had to make 24 of them!


Kylie-Jo said...

What a nice idea! They will love those cards. The little owl is so cute. You have been working hard.

Chris said...

I see your master plan - get 'em while they're young. These are the customers of the future LOL.

Another gorgeous effort, you are too talented


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