Thursday, February 11, 2010

UStamp Swap Sister Gifts

OK, have been dying to post these pictures but had to wait until they were at their destination to be fair to Angela my swap sister and I didnt want to spoil it for her either. As part of my UStamp participation I chose to include myself in a project sister swap 'across the seas' hehehe :) We were paired up at random with another member from somewhere around the world and Angela was my swap sister. So I got to work early and produced this collection of items. It consists of a Lindt chocolate block holder, a CD tin with gift cards, pen and calendar and one of my soap boxes (yes I know you are thinking where is the tutorial which I said I would post on an earlier post for this, I promise it is coming, never done one before and wanna get it right). I have also attached the beautiful cards that Angela sent me as well as a little matchbox (Thanks Angela). I love these cards, they are sooooo cute and especially as they contain some colours that I would not normally use. You may be thinking what is it with me and the Urban Garden DSP lately, well let's just call it a phase shall we, it's taking all my energy to stay away from PINK.

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