Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Gorgeous!!! (Apparently LOL)

The lovely Tanya Bell nominated me, yes ME and my blog for a gorgeous blogger award. WOW, what an honour. Thank you soooooooo much. I dont know that I am quite in her league but I am blushing all the same.
As with most blog awards there are a couple of things I need to do …
* Thank the person who gave you this award (Thank you, thank you, thank you Tanya)
* Paste the award to your blog (tick)
* Link the person who nominated you for this award (tick)
* Nominate as many other bloggers for this wonderful award as you like (tick)
* Post links to their blogs (tick)
So here is what I came up with....
Jo Eades
Chris McLucas
Andrea Buckland
Andrea Lowcock

I hope they like their new awards :)


Anonymous said...

Felicity, of course you are gorgeous and so is your wonderfully inspirational blog with all your fantasmagorical creations! Cheers Donna Zammit :)

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Thanks for your sweet gift! I have posted it on my blog! Hugs xxx

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