Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first Blogger Award!!!

I received an email from fellow demonstrator Rhonda Statham, letting me know she had passed on a "Beautiful Blogger Award" - how awesome, this is my first one! Thanks so much Rhonda and right back at you.

The conditions of accepting this award are that I need to tell you 10 things about myself and also nominate another 10 blogs to be the recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award. Let's start with 10 things about me:

  1. I love being an SU! Demonstrator and have been for nearly 3 years now

  2. I am a secondary school teacher by day, crafter my nights and weekends (when do I sleep you ask???? Still trying to figure that one out!)

  3. I live in Melbourne with my husband, married 18 months

  4. We have no children but hope to one day and we have a kitty called Hanger

  5. I love to travel, I have two trips planned this year, one to Singapore with hubby and one to the States to visit my brother (does convention count? make that 3 trips then)

  6. My favourite city in the whole world to visit would have to be Sydney - loving that Convention is there this year, but love living in Melbourne

  7. I have identical twin brothers

  8. I am very organised and like organising others (Miss Bossy Boots here, well someone's gotta do it!)

  9. I love to shop, go to the movies and eat out at restaurants (seafood is my fav)

  10. I love making 3D items the most and spending hours and hours in my craft room creating anything and everything papercraft - there is just sooooooo much to create and sooooooo little time

And now for 10 more beautiful blogs! These are in completely random order

Check these blogs out for heaps and heaps of inspiration and awesome creativity!

1 comment:

alittlelessuseless said...

Hey Flick you are too sweet and we must be on the same wave length as I gave this award to you the other day too, just forgot to email you! Love your ten things!!!! I wonder sometimes when I sleep too. Have a fantastic weekend/week and then convention!!! so jealous! :)

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