Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Party Time!!!

You may remember in an earlier post I put together a version of Becky's Cupcake box for a birthday party I was planning for one of my friend's daughters. Well today was the BIG day and Emily was soooooo excited. These are the party favours I made with lollipops inside. Emily and her friends had a great time and they worked so well and were very productive. I have included some pics of what they made, working hard on the projects, and the bithday girl with her cake (cup cake theme of course). Emily had her friends choose a DSP they liked then I pre-cut all the pieces for their boxes so all they had to do was put it all together. Emily also liked the pig I made earlier so we made one of them too. And of course we made a matching card.


Liam said...

These are so cute. Love them.


Anonymous said...

Felicity! You do beautiful work and you seem to get so much done for someone who also has a 9-5 job I find you very inspirational!
Thanks, Kirsty

Felicity said...

Hey Kirsty,
Thanks for your comment. To be honest I personally dont know how a do it either but I have always said that it's important to make time for stamping - mainly for my sanity really plus I have a husband that loves watching footy! LOL

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