Saturday, March 6, 2010

A lovely surprise...

To aid in my recovery this week, my BFF visited me today with the best present ever and put the biggest smile on my face!!! She made me (yes Jacq really did make this with her own two hands) an awesome punch storage for my craft room door. I soooo love it - it is simply fabulous and it totally goes with my 'PINK' room. Jacq said the hardest part was cutting out the letters and I said to her well now we have the 'BIG SHOT' which cuts out letters from all sorts of materials not just paper and card!!! What's the BIG SHOT I hear you ask??? Well, you will just have to sit tight and stalk my blog for the next few weeks while I post you teasers (starting tomorrow) about all the awesome things you can create with it. Come April 1st, you too will be able to begin a whole new crafting journey with the best tool ever invented! Thanks so much Jacq, I just luurrrve my new punch storage:)

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