Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One BIG bunny!!!!

This is the first project I have made from the latest UStamp which started this week. It's not too late to get on board either, just click here to join. There have already been some amazing projects and this one I just couldnt resist and had to give it a go straight away. The very talented Kirsty Brown created this cute BIG bunny and soooooo easy to make. It is designed to hold a standard 100g Cadbury Bunny. When I first saw these I thought 'kewl I can make them for my tutor group' but after making one, the thought of making another 12 before I leave for work in the morning as well as sleeping, breakfast, shower etc..... not likely!!! But I would have loved to all the same if I were Superwoman :)

I will definitely make some more of these, maybe some different coloured ones, stay tuned, Easter is still 10 days away right? Yeah I have time..... school breaks up this Friday - YAY! I will be going creative CRAZY hehehehe. Mind you my 'To do' list is quietly getting out of control.....


Anonymous said...

Wow, this awesome Felicity. Are we allowed to know the dimensions so we can CASE....pretty please!!! Cheers Donna Zammit

Grandma Debbie said...

Felcity ..I'm with Donna that's adorable. I'd definately would like the info to put this together!
I'll go one up..pretty please with a cherry on top!

have a great day

Felicity said...

Hi Girls,
You can access the instructions from the UStamp Ning group, it doesnt cost too much to join but when you do you can have access to a heap of projects and the instructions for the whole month plus a chance to win prizes etc.. here is the link again

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